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Scenthound Campaign Offers Free Grooming to Dogs Adopted During Pandemic

Scenthound Salutes campaign will provide free education about preventative care to pet owners who adopted a dog.

Anyone who adopted or purchased a dog in March, April, or May can bring their dog in for a free Essentials package on Wednesdays in July (by appointment), which includes a conditioning bath, ear cleaning, nail clip, and teeth brushing.

The brand, which remained open during the pandemic as essential business, has taken initiatives to keep the Palm Beach County dog community safe. As always, dogs at Scenthound do not come in contact with one another, and all locations have a limit of one human guest in the lobby at a time.

The Scenthound Salutes campaign has given back to other important members of the community throughout the years, offering free grooming to dogs of firefighters, educators, foster dog families, and more. Scenthound gives back in other ways, most notably its Clean Start program, which started in partnership with the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, and since expanded to many more local rescue organizations. In the last 10 years, Scenthound has given away over 2,900 free groomings, valued at over $100,000.

“There are a lot of misconceptions about certain breeds not needing grooming,” said Tim Vogel, CEO of Scenthound. “If you’re a new dog parent, you might not realize that all dogs need routine care. You may have a dog that doesn’t need a haircut, but still needs bathing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. We started Scenthound as a way to offer grooming services that cater to all breeds, and we want to educate as many humans as possible so that they make sure their dog gets the care they need.”

Source : Scenthound Campaign Offers Free Grooming to Dogs Adopted During Pandemic