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We are Donating All At National Feed a Rescue Pet Week.

National Feed a Rescue Pet Week

The National Feed a Rescue Pet week will be from July 27- August 3 according to the Pets Holiday Calendar 2020. We are putting our efforts to help GreaterGood reach the goal to feed millions of rescued pets and animals.

We will simply direct or request all our customers to visit the GreaterGood organization website for willingly donations. It will be customers choice how much they want to donate. 

Jacob Frydman Pet Care has one more plan for rescued animals care. If anyone had adopted a rescued animal or pet or taking care of those and need help, all their pet care services for those animals and pets will be free of cost during National Feed a Rescue Pet Week.  We are happy to support such causes in the future and our customers’ support to help us do that will be always appreciated.