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Don’t use home Pet Care remedies, without asking for instructions from an Experienced Vet

Citronella Oil for Pets

Yes, Upon a general survey conducted by Dr. Jacob Frydman Pet Care. Seven Out of ten peoples prefer to use home remedies for pet care. Although it’s not a sign of danger most of the time, lack of information and how to use these home remedies can have a harmful effect on your pet than a cure. Here our Vet explained it with example.

One of the most common examples is the use of paper sprays for pest control. It’s somewhat true that pepper spray is toxic to a broad spectrum of invertebrates including beneficial insects. So this spray usually kills all good and bad insects. But here is something which is more dangerous if you apply it to your pets. Most of the pets are allergic to paper spray like most humans. It can cause a really bad irritation around your eyes, nose, and mouths so as in your pet’s eyes, nose, and mouth. If your pet has any skin issues or wounds the spray there can cause a dying irritation and inflammation. Vets at Dr. Jacob Frydman Pet Care never recommend using such sprays or hot paper for pest control. As most of the time, it didn’t kill any pests or insects but make them go away for a small time, they will return back after that. So as it’s risky, it will not kill your pet but cause a huge irritation and inflammation for them. Which can even end up as an angry pet bite.

There is one more example worth sharing here about citronella oil. Many people use citronella oil to keep mosquitos away. That’s good for humans, we can digest its toxin if we inhale that, but people usually do mistakes to spray that on pets. There are many citronella oil products in the market for pets use with a very less amount of citronella in it. We need to understand the first thing that products for humans and products for pets are different. You can use pet products with less citronella oil in human but not human products with more quantity of citronella oil in pets.

The first thing to consider is don’t use the products for pets under 12 weeks and kids under 2 years of age. The second thing is don’t spray on face. The third is don’t use human products on pets as they come with a larger amount of citronella. A large quantity of citronella oil id toxic to humans as well as pets, but humans can handle a bit more than pets, that’s why there is a difference in products.

Those were two examples of common things we do at home, which needs attentions and instructions from a Vet before you use them on pets. If you have bought brand product from market make sure you have read the whole instructions and you understand them before applying these products on your pets.