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Pandemic has shifted many people for seeking online help for pets.

Critical Pet Issue

Learn Whats Critical and Whats Non-critical

As there is lots of tension to go out these days, it has made a significant increase in the number of peoples seeking online help to care for their loved ones better.

We have also experienced a boost in calls, Most of non-critical pet care issues can be addressed & diagnosed online. An experienced veterinarian from Dr. Jacob Frydman Pet Care can offer a valuable solution for pet care questions and concerns. That’s creating a good business for us.

Yes, if your pet got injured or has got more critical issues we strongly recommends visiting a pet clinic. The online services we provide have some limitations to specific non-critical issues, where therapy, surgery, testing, and other physical examination can’t be done, we still have to direct you to pet clinic for help in such cases, Other than that most of the time pet care issues can be addressed and diagnosed by online experts. We have experienced that eight out of ten issues in both critical and non-critical can be diagnosed online. Only two issues were very critical which needs immediate visit of a Vet or pet clinic.

Here is an example of a critical issue. One of our client’s dogs chased a venomous snake yesterday and ended up with a snake bite, Thank god instead of searching online for solutions, she came directly to talk us. Where we directed her to the immediate visit of the nearest pet care clinic and it saved her dog’s life. Like in snake bite case it needs immediate action to visit the pet clinic to get anti-venom as your dog could die within 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the type of snakebite and the amount of venom injected.

The example of a non-critical issue is that your dog is not eating a specific food, got allergies, got dandruff, got pests, behavior issues, and any other common pet diseases, etc.